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Investigating Siri's English Accents

WordPress as an alternative to iWeb
TidBITS, 21/11/2012

iPhone 5: The Best Yet, But Still an iPhone
TidBITS, 26/10/201

I've been writing for publication since 1988, starting with a column in Allegheny College's Campus student paper. Since then, I've written on myriad topics for a multiplicity of audiences. Here's a selection of my publications:

Computers and technology

Pebble Smartwatch Puts Notifications on Your Wrist
TidBITS, 29/06/2014

FileMaker 13: More Polished but Pricey
TidBITS, 24/01/2014

Investigating Siri's English Accents
TidBITS, 08/02/2013

WordPress as an alternative to iWeb
TidBITS, 21/11/2012

iPhone 5: The Best Yet, But Still an iPhone
TidBITS, 26/10/2012

Why Do Airlines Require Us to Turn Off Our Gadgets?
TidBITS, 05/10/2012

Comparing Music Streaming Services: Pandora, Spotify, and Last.fm
TidBITS, 27/08/2012

Apple’s International Obfuscation
TidBITS, 28/06/2012

Wrangling PDFs in 2012’s Web Browsers
TidBITS, 01/06/2012

Facebook Tests “Highlight” Feature on Kiwis
TidBITS, 29/05/2012

QuickTime Format Extender Perian to Cease Development
TidBITS, 16/05/2012

FileMaker Pro 12 Updates Themes and Layout Capabilities
TidBITS, 15/05/2012

Believe Most of Tumult’s HTML5 Hype
TidBITS, 13/04/2012

Wacom Inkling Lets Designers Sketch on Paper
TidBITS, 25/03/2012

Puzzling Through Mac Replacement Possibilities
TidBITS, 27/02/2012

FileMaker Go Brings FileMaker Databases to iOS
TidBITS, 09/02/2012
Business Apps | by Steve McCabe | 09 Feb 2012 | 10 comments

iBooks Textbooks: Not Exactly Innovation in Education
TidBITS, 22/01/2012

In an internet ghetto far away…
New Zealand Herald, 06/01/2012

Solving the Universal Access Color Problem
TidBITS, 29/01/2010

Paying by the Bit: Internet Access in New Zealand
TidBITS, 15/01/2010


Making Dreams Pay The Rent
Airways, December 2004

Flat Out With Aeroflot
Airways, October 2004

Bilingual Pilots
Private Pilot, July 2004

Choose The Right Instructor
Private Pilot, June 2004

Type Envy
Private Pilot, April 2004


On Whose Authority?
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2000

Pupils don't deserve to be Teach First Guinea Pigs
New Zealand Herald, 31/01/2012


Pure Vibrant New Zealand (with Deb McCabe and Jeremy Christie)
Positive Impact Magazine, Spring 2012