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It's a great place to live, but it's not cheap.

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After a while, you forget the things that once caused wonder…

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Not even God's Own Earth is immune.

Steve's TechBlog

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Making Power While The Sun Shines: solar power in New Zealand

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There's a certain freedom that comes from blogging. I write what I choose to write, what I think would make a good column. I write for other people, and I understand that, among other things, I have to keep my editors happy. But my blogs are mine, my very own. I have nobody to please but myself. If I were in a more horribly poncy and pretentious mood, I'd say that while my magazine articles are my work, this is my art. But that would be quite irretrievably pretentious, so I won't say that. I'll just say that this is what I write purely for myself.

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New Life: New Zealand — the Moving to New Zealand Blog
Life in New Zealand
New Life: New Zealand — the Moving to New Zealand Blog began in early 2009, when I moved myself and my family from the USA to New Zealand. It's one of the very best moves I've ever made, and I use this blog to share my experiences with my friends — and, increasingly, my readership.
Steve's TechBlog — the online ramblings of a logorrhoeic techie

New Technology
Along with my regular appearances on Nine To Noon on Radio New Zealand, and dovetailing with my computer consultancy service, Steve's TechBlog is where I talk about what's new in the world of Tech.

  The Letters Page
Because some people really don't know know any better, and it's my job to set them straight.

Freedom of speech — don't you just love it?