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My life story, in one easy-to-read computer file

What I can do

I'm a highly qualified experienced teacher and tutor.

I take rather good event photography.

I designed this site — and I can design yours, too.

Set up and maintain computer networks
I'm an Apple-certified computer consultant specialising in Mac OS X and iOS systems.

Steve the computer consultant
Lending Joe, my father in law, a hand

Who's Steve?

This is my site, my chance to promote myself online. I've written copy for other people, I've designed websites for others — this is my chance to show myself off a little.

So this is me. I'm Steve, a forty-mumble-year-old Englishman living, most recently, in New Zealand. I've done many things in my time — I've been a teacher for most of my adult life, but I'm also a commercial pilot, a computer consultant, a web designer, lately a photographer, and, of course, a husband and father.